We have worked for renowned companies including

Four Seasons Hotels, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, Natura Bisse,

Aromatherapy Associates and others.

Bonnie Baker

Managing Partner • Co-Founder Development

Bonnie Baker

Managing Partner • Co-founder •Development

Bonnie is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience in the Spa and Wellness industry and a background in hospitality, ecotourism, and Spa development. She brings a wealth of hands-on experience and achievement, having worked with some of the leading Spa companies and award-winning properties around the world such as the Four Seasons, Mandarin Oriental, and re-known locations such as Tabacón Grand Spa and Thermal Springs in Costa Rica. With training as an anthropologist, Bonnie’s work in the Spa and Wellness industry represents as distinctive style, integrating cultural traditions and natural environments into wellness programs, creating a proven track record internationally in countries where she has lived and worked, including Argentina, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Guatemala, USA, Mexico and other parts of Europe and Asia.

Bonnie’s work in Spa and Wellness has taken her into diverse fields such as biodynamic agriculture, geo-thermal waters, and Anthroposophical medicine. Bonnie is a member of the Board of Directors of Green Spa Network, a member of the Global Wellness Institute’s Hot Springs Task Force, a founding member of the Spa and Wellness Association of Mexico (a chapter of the Green Spa Network) and a Board Member of the Center for Anthroposophical Study in Mexico. She has a BA in Anthropology, and is a licensed Massage therapist, Esthetician, and Yoga Instructor.

Mario Hernández


Mario is a native of Mexico, with a degree in Business Administration specializing in operations of high profile teams.

Mario has over 15 years experience in commercial and business management, including companies such as the luxury-property developer Grupo Pirsa in the exclusive residential area of Santa Fe, Mexico, Mario gained international experience during 5 years in Uruguay serving as external relations director for Mex-Trade in collaboration with Bancomext, specifically servicing as a consultant for issues such as customs relations, warehousing, administration of shipments, and logistics.

Mario served as the Sub-director of Operations for the company Consorcio Juridico for 10 years, a company dedicated to the administration and recovery of outstanding loans and credits for the primary financial institutions of Mexico, and during which Mario was responsible for 17 locations.