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Wellness, what is it and what does the so-called “wellness business” consist of?

Wellness, what is it and what does the so-called “wellness business” consist of?

Bonnie Baker, one of the founders of Satteva Wellness Group, a company specialized in the construction of a new vision of well-being and health as a lifestyle, explained to Mundano that well-being is a combination of various factors, including the management of stress, beauty, exercise and movement, social and spiritual interaction and education.

Mexico City, March 1 (However) From a few years to date we can see more and more businesses such as gyms, spas and places dedicated to improving health, not only physical, but spiritual and mental.

The World Health Organization explains that health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, that is, the correct functioning of the physical body in addition to mental states; Health is not just the absence of disease.

Halbert L. Dunn, considered the father of the Wellness Movement, developed this idea that refers to human well-being in the 1950s, something that must go beyond not suffering from any disease but also taking into account self-realization.

In the end, “Wellness is the active search for activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of comprehensive health (comprehensive balance)”.


Mexico has all the natural, cultural, historical and geographic wealth, that is why, we can really train and create innovative programs and experiences, but we have to think further, we have to think about long-term investment.

We have ingredients, music, traditions and spectacular places that the world does not know and that can be used as a powerful tool for the wellness business, that is, that we use the cultural heritage that we have as part of a wellness offering, taking advantage of this at the same time as a part of a strategy to teach and instill future generations about the conservation of our natural resources, care and protection of water, forests and exploiting tourism in this direction (Sustainable Tourism).


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Wellness, qué es y en qué consiste el llamado “negocio del bienestar”