Well-being, balance between mind, body and soul

Well-being is the active search for activities, choices and lifestyles

The wellness industry has a great opportunity in Mexico, not only as an industry, because according to Bonnie Baker and Mario Hernández, founding partners of the Satteva Wellness Group, there are more and more people who seek comprehensive wellness in their lives.

According to Bonnie, well-being is a combination of different factors such as stress management; massage and beauty; exercise and movement; nutrition; social, spiritual interaction and education or coaching.

However, an important aspect is to differentiate between pampering yourself and achieving wellness. In this sense, Baker points out that well-being is the continuous search for activities, choices and lifestyles that lead us to a state of integral health.

How to achieve comprehensive wellness?

Bonnie Baker assures that in Satteva they are based on eight principles or seeds as she calls them to achieve true integral well-being:

  1. Connection with nature
  2. Serenity and awareness
  3. Purpose and solidarity
  4. Inspiration and creativity
  5. Health for Water
  6. Nutrition and feeding
  7. Rest and regeneration
  8. Movement and rhythm